Our Damage Policy and Replacement Coverage Option

We take great measures to insure the safe handling of your household furnishings. We want our customers to understand the coverage options available to them. Most people, when hiring a moving company, assume that if they are insured that means "full coverage" Unfortunately, this is not true of any moving company because it's simply not possible. The first step to insure your belongings are handled properly, is to hire experience. Diamondback Movers has been in business since 2010 and our movers are all experienced and well trained. We do not use day labor or inexperienced movers. We want our customers to understand the reality and liability that comes with hiring any moving company and be able to make informative choices regarding there move. Our policy is listed below:

Our Damage Policy: .60 cents per lb. for dropped/damaged furnishings by our movers. This is included with our standard rates and is an industry standard. Our policy applies while our movers are on your jobsite only.

A good example of why "full coverage" moving companies can't cover 100% replacement value.

An average local move cost $200-$600 The cost of a Big screen Television cost around $2000.00. That's about 10 times the cost of an entire move. Therefore the replacement cost on a television weighing 100 lbs. would be only $60.00. Otherwise movers would become far to liable financially compared to the profit a moving company makes and the amount a consumer is willing to spend on a move. This is the average industry standard, however, you have other options available to further insure your belongings.

Replacement Coverage Options: Some Homeowners policies cover moving damage, so be sure to check with them if you are a homeowner. Some renters insurance has coverage, as well. Most freight line carriers offer damage coverage during transit so make sure to check with them on what they cover and if they offer a full coverage policy for an additional fee.. Most container companies and Budget Truck Rentals have full coverage optional policies available for a small additional fee. When booking your transportation ask them if you will be covered for damage and for how much. If the coverage is small and your desire is to be fully covered, ask them if they have a full coverage policy option, as most do.


Coverage in Phoenix and the valley including  Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Mesa and Tempe. We cover Arizona and out of state requests.