Moving Tips when hiring a Moving Company

"After years in the business, I have unfortunately heard some pretty horrific stories by consumers that fell victim to unscrupulous so-called moving companies. It saddens me that consumers are being taken advantage of with little to no recourse..." avoid scams

Moving is stressful enough without the added worry that your movers might damage your goods or worse, try to put one over on you. Although there are several good movers in Arizona, it also is home to some of the most unscrupulous, so called "Movers" in the industry. Many people don't put much thought into choosing a moving company. Consumers tend to gear towards decision making based on the LOWEST PRICE with expectations of NO DAMAGE.

LOW BALL RATES: Here in Arizona its an advertising scheme for many companies to hook consumers offering pricing such as, $39.00 for 2 movers & a Truck, 3 for $49.00, etc.. in the end the initial quotes gets jacked up 2, 3, 4, and even 5 times that amount when your move is complete. Some of those fee's include travel fee's, bulky item fee's, stair fee's, material fee's, long carry fee's and more, claiming a base fee was quoted. It's not just the little guys here, some of these large companies have been getting away with this for years. With nothing in writing or a contract stating "in small print" that consumers don't generally read,, you are forced into paying an inflated bill to avoid your belongings being held hostage for payment and furthermore any damages, if your lucky will be paid on a .60 cent per pound basis for there careless handling.  How can you avoid an inflated bill and not get taken advantage of? Request that the company send you there charges in writing via email.

NAME CHANGERS are very common in Arizona. Craigslist, amongst many other forums is a common place for this practice. If a movers claims they have been in business for years than finding a bit of past information on them should be very easy. If you can not find any evidence that this so-called company has been doing business in Arizona, then you may be falling victim to a name changer. They will list their services in online forums, such as craigslist and after consumers start catching on, they simply change their name and start all over. While Arizona does not require strict licensing, consumers can do something to avoid these scammers.

  • Check with Arizona Department of trade name registration to see if they are registered

  • Check with BBB. Even if the company is not a member, the BBB still takes complaints.

  • Internet Search. Type there name and see what comes up. A company that has been doing business in Arizona for some time will result in some type of internet feedback.

  • Do they have a public profile, such as a website? If so, you can check with who is to find out how long the website has been up and the owner information 

We hope this information has been helpful.


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MOVING TIP: GET IT IN WRITING OR PAY THE HIGHER COST IN THE END! Have the company send you a firm quote. Many companies do charge for stairs, bulky items, long carry etc. in lieu of your initial hourly quote and they can lawfully charge you unless you have something in writing.