Moving Labor Rates from $60.00 per hour for 2 movers with no hidden fee's. We honor our published rates and unlike some movers, we won't hit you with add on's such as, stair fee's, floor fee's, over sized item fee's or round up an extra few minutes to a whole hour. Time starts when we arrive and overage hours are billed in 1/4 hour increments. 

moving rates

 MILEAGE  NO CHARGE for Mileage/Travel Fee's up to 40 miles to and from job location (20 miles each way-40 miles round trip)

If your location exceeds the 40 miles from our office (Calculated from 3201 W. Thomas Rd. Suite A Phoenix, AZ 85017 to your location) you will be charged  a low rate of only $1.00 per mile thereafter. Our mileage rates are extremely low in comparison to other companies charging a travel/fuel fee. example: to and from your jobsite is 45 miles, the first 40 is free so you would incur a 5 mile charge of 5.00. We use Google maps and you can too to figure out the mileage or give us a call.

 HOURLY RATE   We honor our published rates. No hidden fee's like stair fee's, 2nd and 3rd floors, bulky oversized item fee's, or rounding up a few minutes to a whole hour like some of those other movers do. Our rates are straight forward and honest. Time starts when we arrive.

ADDITIONAL HOURS  We do have an hour minimum per job. Anything less than the minimum service time will incur the fee regardless. ex. 2 movers work 1.5 hours on your jobsite, the fee would still be $120.00. Time starts when we arrive at your location. After the minimum, additional hours are billed in "1/4 hour increments" *not like some movers that round up a whole hour for an extra few minutes of time on the clock. example: you hire 2 movers that arrive at 9:am and are finished at 11:15am. You would pay $120.00 plus an additional $15.00 for the additional 1/4 hour. Your total labor cost would be $135.00

 MOVING EQUIPMENT  FREE included in our price.  

Dolly's and hand tools for minor assembly and disassembly (beds frames, tables, etc..) at no charge. We may include moving pads on request for local load/unloads.

 OTHER LABOR SERVICES   Hourly labor rates are the same for all services including assembly, disassembly, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and other requests.

RENTAL TRUCKS or DRIVING SERVICE  require detailed information to provide a personalized quote. Give us a call one email us to see how we can save you on your interstate move or local load/unload.



Coverage in Phoenix and the valley including  Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Mesa and Tempe. We cover Arizona and out of state requests.